Arai Defiant-X Solid Black Frost

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DEFIANT-X FIT INTERMEDIATE OVAL (IO) – Balanced fit from front-to-rear and side-to-side engineered to fit most riders in North America. (IO is the basis from which other fit models are derived.)

PERFECT COMFORT Arai’s Facial Contour System (FCS) cheek pads make putting on and taking off the helmet easier while increasing comfort even while talking. FCS cheek pads are sculpted to hold the helmet in place without adding pressure. Peel-away layers (5mm) in the cheek pads and temple area of the headliner allow micro-fitting to each rider. Additional cheek pad and headliner thicknesses are available to further customize fit. Ear pockets include recesses for rider comfortable with speakers installed. The neck roll design wraps the neck reducing wind and ambient noise.

WASHABLE & GERM-FREE Removable interior updated with anti-microbial fabric offers germ, odor and dirt resistance and a neutral pH close to the skin for the perfect lining to combat heat, sweat and grim for comfort over the long haul. Washable.

ADVANCED COOLING Styled for aggression the Defiant-X’s chin bar maintains its functionality with interior shutters (open-close) controlling airflow to the mouth and for demisting. Air channels borrowed from the Corsair-X connect to side exhaust ports further reducing fogging and rider comfort. QVF-2 Front Ducts adjust between intake and exhaust functions. QVR-2 Rear Duct maximizes airflow when opened. Additional exhaust ports built into sides of shell and neck roll. Chin curtain aids exhaust system by creating a “low-pressure zone” in the mouth area.

EASY CHANGE SHIELD VAS Shield System incorporates a variable axis pivot allowing the shield to open higher and close more smoothly. Dual Release Lever (cover/shield) removes the shield cover to see the shield mechanism for easier shield changeover. VAS also allows for a smoother shell in the temple area improving the helmet's ability to glide over objects without snagging protecting the rider against rapid deceleration or rotation.

EASY OPEN SHIELD A larger latch for easier operation - even with gloves - secures the shield while allowing for more intuitive shield operation.

COMPACT PERFORMANCE = RIDER COMFORT Keeping with Arai’s R75 Design Principles the Hyper-Ridge along the lower edge of the shell increases shell strength. Arai's proprietary multi-density EPS liner is “tuned” to protect specific areas of the head to maximize performance. Shell shape & strength and material choices combine to reduce the overall shell size and weight maximizing rider comfort and the helmet’s aerodynamic performance.

LIGHTER, STRONGER SHELL Born out of Arai's F-1 racing helmet technology, the DT-X features Arai’s PB-cLc (Peripheral Belt - Complex Laminate Construction) utilizing proprietary materials and resins for a stronger, lighter shell. A peripheral belt of Arai’s exclusive Super Fiber™ woven in-house reinforces the leading edge of the eye port increasing shell strength while redirecting energy away from the opening at impact.

ALL-WEATHER VISIBILITY VAS MAX-V Shield provides all-weather visibility for all types of riding. Accepts Pinlock® Max Vision™ anti-fog insert (included). Shield options include Pro Shade System with integrated sun visor, mirrored, tinted, dual pane and tear-off post equipped for racing.