Arai Quantum-X Graphic Take Off Yellow Matte

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QUANTUM-X FIT ROUND OVAL (RO) – Shortened front-to-back with a slight widening from side-to-side (compared to Intermediate Oval).

COLOR | FINISH Fluorescent Yellow/Gunmetal Grey | Fine Flake | Matte Finish


VAS SHIELD incorporates a variable axis pivot allowing the shield to open higher and close smoothly. Dual Release Lever (cover/shield) allows the rider to see the shield mechanism for easier shield changeover.

IMPROVED SHIELD LATCH A larger latch for easier operation - even with gloves - captures and secures the shield while allowing for more intuitive shield operation.

IMPROVED ABILITY TO “GLANCE OFF” VAS Shield System allows for a smoother shell in the temple area improving the helmet's ability to glide over objects without snagging preventing rapid deceleration.

PB-SCLC SHELL Peripherally Belted - Super Complex Laminate Construction shell design combines proprietary materials and techniques that deliver both performance and affordability.

ANTI-MICROBIAL LINER Removable interior liner features anti-microbial fabric to maintain a neutral pH level and allows the helmet stays fresher longer between cleanings. Removable temple pad allows for further fit customization.

VAS MAX-V SHIELD for improved all-weather visibility for all types of riding. Accepts Pinlock® MaxVision™ anti-fog insert (clear included). Optional shields include Pro Shade System with integrated sun visor, mirrored, tinted, dual pane and tear-off post equipped for racing.

DUCT VENTILATION QVF & QVR upper ventilation ducts improved for added adjustability and improved airflow.

CHIN CURTAIN accentuates the shell’s ovoid shape for improved aerodynamics while blocking turbulent air from entering beneath the helmet and enhancing chin vent function drawing more fresh air to the mouth area. Easy to remove. Water-repellant.