OSi Sport 2 Rainwear

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How much do you use your rainwear? So, why spend a small fortune?

Don’t be fooled by the low price. OSI SPORT 2 RAINWEAR is all the rainwear most riders will ever need and an excellent choice for all riding styles at a price that is hard to ignore.


  • MOTORCYCLE-SPECIFIC Designed and fitted specifically for use in the riding position with stirrups to hold the pant legs down while in any riding position; elastic waistbands on the jacket and pants reduce “ballooning” and accommodate a riding jacket while zippered and gusseted legs for easy entry and added dryness.

  • WATERTIGHT Oversized cuffs designed for one-handed operation and a sure seal; hood integrated into the contoured collar; high-waisted pants designed to provide an overlap with the jacket protecting against road spray; zippered and gusseted legs offer easy entry – even with boots on – and water-tight performance

  • EASY ON & EASY TO WEAR Nylon lining for easy entry – even when wet – and easy movement while riding

  • DURABLE Tough .20mm PVC shell with doubled seam allowance for durability and seam strength. Heavy gauge plastic zippers for smooth, non-snag operation.

  • SAFETY ONBOARD Oversize reflective striping wraps each arm and the back of the jacket.

  • STORAGE Deep chest pocket with left-handed access maintains throttle hand freedom.

  • HUGE SIZE RANGE Comfort Cut Fit in unisex sizes XS-5XL covers all riders and riding styles. Available separately as jackets and pants making fitting even easier. 


Chests sizes are calculated to fit over a riding jacket, so there is no need to add inches to fit over a jacket or layers.

Wide waist size range provided by elasticized waistband provides the flexibility to wear the pants over jeans or riding pants.

PROPER FIT INSTRUCTIONS: OSi Sport 2 Rain Overpants are engineered to be high-waisted, which means the elastic “waist” rests across your belly and not your waist. His prevents water from working its way up under the jacket.

So, while these “waist” measurements will seem large they are correct when you measure your belly circumference and NOT your waist circumference. 

Please be aware that the sizes are for use as overpants. Therefore, an XL will fit a rider who wears an XL and is wearing riding pants underneath these overpants. If you do NOT wear riding pants you please go down a size when planning your purchase.

SIZE | CHEST FIT | WAIST FIT (Min-Max) | Inseam

    XS | 26-32" | 24-28" | 29"

   SM | 30-34" | 28-34" | 30"

   MD | 34-38" | 32-36" | 31"

    LG | 38-42" | 36-40" | 31.5"

    XL | 40-46" | 40-44" | 32.5"

  2XL | 44-50" | 44-48" | 33"

  3XL | 48-54" | 48-52" | 33"

  4XL | 52-58" | 52-56" | 33"

  5XL | 56-62" | 56-62" | 33"