Arai SAQ Shields & Shield Parts

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STANDARD SHIELDS Available in clear, light tint and dark tint.

MIRROR SHIELDS are available in Blue, Purple, Gold or Silver. Not compatible with Pinlock Max Vision Anti-Fog Lens.

DUAL-PANE ANTI-FOG TEAR-OFF (DP-TOP) SHIELDS utilize Arai's proprietary anti-fog coating for when nothing else will work. Available in clear and light tint. Tear-off films available.

STANDARD TEAR-OFF (TOP) SHIELDS  are available in clear, light tint and dark tint. Tear-off films available.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES PinLock Max Vision Anti-Fog insert in various colors. Tear-off films compatible with Race Shields (Dual-Pane TOP and TOP). Replacement Brow Vents for both standard and Pro Shade shields.



EASY-CHANGE SHIELD removes and installs in seconds without tools.

ANTI-FOG READY for improved all-weather visibility in all types of riding the Pro Shade System accepts an optional Pinlock® Max Vision™ anti-fog insert. 

BROW VENT DUCTS with integrated channels maximize the integrity of the helmet by eliminating the need for additional perforations in the shell.


MODEL COMPATIBILITY Corsair-V, Corsair-V RC, RX-Q, Signet-Q Series, Defiant Series, Vector-2 (not Vector)

HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR ARAI SHIELD MODEL If you are unsure of the helmet model look closely at the lower corner of the shield (near the demist lock). You will find next to the Arai logo a series of letters that indicate the shield model "SAI". Any other series of letters indicates that your shield is another shield model.