Arai Signet-Q Solid Diamond White

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SIGNET-Q FIT LONG OVAL (LO) – Elongated front-to-rear with a slightly narrower fit from side-to-side (compared to Intermediate Oval).

PERFECT COMFORT Facial Contour System (FCS) cheek pads make putting on and taking off a helmet easier while increasing comfort even while talking. FCS cheek pads are sculpted to hold the helmet in place without adding pressure. Peel-away layers (5mm) in the cheek pad and temple areas allow micro-fitting to each rider. Optional cheek pad and headliner thicknesses further customize the helmet fit. Ear pockets include recesses for rider comfort with speakers. Neckroll comfortably wraps the neck reducing wind and ambient noise.

ADVANCED COOLING in many riding positions allowing the sturdy vents to flow cool air regardless of head angle. Cooling air enters intake vents while venturi effect draws warm air out the exhaust vents (rear ducts, cowls, and neckroll. Side exhausts sculpted into the Hyper-Ridge result in added efficiency in airflow. 

EASY-CHANGE SHIELD The LRS Shield Removal System makes changing out shields a convenient, tool-less event.

COMPACT PERFORMANCE = RIDER COMFORT Arai's R75 Design Principles the Hyper Ridge along the lower edge of the shell increases shell strength. Arai´s proprietary, multi-density EPS liner is “tuned” to protect specific areas of the head to maximize performance. Shell shape & strength combined with the tuned EPS liner and material choices reduces the overall shell size and weight maximizing rider comfort and the helmet’s aerodynamic performance.

LIGHTER, STRONGER SHELL Born out of Arai's F-1 racing helmet technology featuring Arai's ScLc (Super Complex Laminate Construction) is 40% stronger than standard fiberglass in extension and bending resistance.

ALL-WEATHER VISIBILITY SAI MAX-V Shield provides all-weather visibility for all types of riding. Accepts (included) optional Pinlock® Max Vision™ anti-fog insert. Shield options include Pro Shade System with integrated sun visor, mirrored, tinted, dual pane and tear-off post for racing.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES To further customize consider shield options by function and color, chin curtains, breath guards, and a Pinlock Max Vision Anti-Fog Lens.