Arai VAS Race Shields

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WHEN IT COMES TO ARAI SHIELDS ENGINEERED FOR RACING there are two options depending on the riding conditions: Dual-Pane Anti-Fog and Standard. Both are equipped with tear-off posts and are two-dimensional to ensure that the racing tear-off films lay flat on the shield during use. Tear-off films are available for both. 

ARAI'S DUAL-PANE, ANTI-FOG, TEAR-OFF (DP-TOP) SHIELDS utilize Arai's proprietary anti-fog coating for when nothing else will work. Available in clear, and light tint. 

ARAI'S STANDARD TEAR-OFF (TOP) SHIELDS  are available in clear, light tint and dark tint. 


MODEL FIT Corsair-X, Quantum-X, Signet-X, Defiant-X, DT-X


DUAL-PANE SHIELD TECHNOLOGY As used by factory racers featuring an anti-fog-treated second lens is fixed into place with a perimeter gasket on the inside of the shield creating an air gap increasing anti-fogging effectiveness in extreme conditions including colder weather. Please Note: These shields require specific care. To protect the anti-fog coating on the inner lens surface clean only by running water over the surface and air-drying. Never wipe the surface with any type of cloth or scuffing may occur diminishing the anti-fog effectiveness. To maximize their useful life store anti-fog shields in a cool, dry place when not in use.

EASY CHANGE SHIELD Dual Release Lever (cover/shield) removes the shield cover allowing the rider to see the shield mechanism for easier shield changeover. 

WIDER OPENING ARAI'S Variable Axis Shield System (VAS) incorporates a "traveling" axis pivot point allowing it to open higher and closer to the shell with a smooth action.

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE The VAS Shield System allows for a smoother shell in the temple area improving the helmet's ability to glide over objects without snagging protecting the rider against rapid deceleration or rotation while improving aerodynamics.

LARGER LATCH LEVER for easier operation - even with gloves - captures and secures the shield while allowing for more intuitive shield operation.

BROW VENT DUCTS with integrated channels maximize the integrity of the helmet by eliminating the need for additional perforations in the shell.


ADDITIONAL SHIELD OPTIONS include Pro Shade System with integrated sun visor; Mirror in blue, blue-green, red-orange and silver; and Max Vision in clear, light tint and dark tint.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES include clear heavy-duty tear-off films in packs of 5. 

PLEASE NOTE: Arai Dual-Pane and Tear-Off shields are not compatible with Pinlock Anti-Fog inserts. For anti-fog performance in a tear-off shield see Arai's Dual-Pane Race Shields.