Arai XD4 Mission Gloss White

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XD4 FIT INTERMEDIATE OVAL (IO) – Balanced fit from front-to-rear and side-to-side providing the most universal fit for riders in North America. (IO is the basis from which other fit models are derived.)

COLOR/FINISH Pure White + Splash Graphics within Black + Reflective Panels/Gloss


FCS® CHEEK PADS Arai’s patented cheek pad design makes entering and exiting the helmet more comfortable while delivering improved comfort and support in the facial area with the added fit customization feature of exclusive removable 5mm peel-away fit layer.

AIRFLOW EFFICIENCY Sculpted side intake vents improve ventilation efficiency and helmet stability at speed. While the chin vent - with its added intake ports - improves the flow of fresh air to the mouth and nose. Diffuser top vents work to nearly double the XD4’s airflow pulling stale air out of the helmet and fresh air in. While brow vents built into the XD4’s face shield provide cooling airflow to the temple area of the head without altering the safety shell.

DESIGNED FOR AERODYNAMICS & FLEXIBILITY The XD4’s shell shape provides improved aerodynamic stability, especially at higher speeds, working in concert with the high-flow peak and side cowl vents for added stability. Three (3) configuration options allow the XD4 alternate between off-road specific (no shield), on-road specific (no peak) and dual-purpose (shield and peak) usage.

CUSTOM FIT FOR EVERY RIDER Arai’s exclusively builds peel-away fit layers into the cheek and temple pads so that each and every rider can customize a helmet to fit them specifically without added expense. Options sizes are additionally available not only in cheek pads but in interior fit liners that allow a rider to build a helmet size “between” standard sizes for the highest level of fit customization on the market fitting even the hardest to fit heads.

REMOVABLE / REPLACEABLE / WASHABLE Arai’s Dry-Cool® technology not only keeps the rider drier and cooler for added comfort for commutes and long-hauls whether in hot or cool weather. Best of all the entire interior can be removed, replaced and even washed without tools.

EMERGENCY RELEASE SYSTEM Developed by Arai and shared with other brands - because some technology is best shared - Quick Release Cheek Pads slide out easily with pull tabs built into each cheek pad making helmet removal easier for trained medical personnel.