OSi Evolution WPB Motorcycle Covers

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The Evolution of Motorcycle Covers. Made in the USA.

Evolution 4 Covers offer unparalleled storage protection with a revolutionary waterproof, breathable always soft, washable fabric that no other cover can match. Not simply a heavier grade of fabric, but a whole new class of cover and it is perfect for indoor or outdoor storage.

Naturally Waterproof, Naturally Breathable

Unlike every other cover on the market, an OSi Evolution 4 is naturally waterproof and breathable. That means no coating is needed to give it its water resistance quality, so it will always soft – even in the coldest of weather – protecting the bike from the inside as well as the outside, and that it dries quickly after getting wet. Waterproofness is actually a feature of the structure of the fabric, so an OSi Evolution 4 cover’s water resistance will never wash away or fail. Better yet it means that an Evolution 4 Cover is machine washable (tumble), soft (no coating), and will never have a coating that will eventually fail.

Exclusive Features:

  • Naturally Breathable and Water-Repellent (no coating) allowing heat and moisture to escape so you can store your bike without worrying over time
  • 100% Machine Washable (tumble washer)
  • Heavy Duty Heat Resistant Panel can be washed and folded and refolded without cracking
  • Will NOT Shrink or Stretch from moisture or weather conditions
  • Soft internal layer and pliable even in cold temperatures = soft surface
  • Impact Absorption – Non-woven, 4-layer construction provides “thickness” (no other cover does) for impact protection against dings and scratches while in storage
  • Holds up to environmental conditions including acid rain, bird droppings
  • Order, Rot and Mildew Proof
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Perfect for outdoor storage

  • UV-Resistant with the highest UPF protecting your bike's finish against damaging UV rays)
  • 100% Breathable letting out the heat protecting your bike's finish
  • Soft and pliable at any temperature
  • Rot/Mildew Proof so let it get wet
  • Will not stretch or shrink so it fits today like it will fit tomorrow
  • Unaffected by environmental elements including acid rain, bird droppings or tree sap

Perfect for inside storage

Add to the benefits listed for outdoor storage…

  • Temperature and Humidity Control of a 100% breathable cover protecting chrome and paint finishes as well ad synthetic and leather by eliminating interanal heat and moisture
  • Will not pick up odors
  • Impact and abrasion resistance

    Additional Features:

    • UV Resistant / Abrasion Resistant / Scorch Resistant Lower Panels
    • Drawstring carry bag included
    • Black/Gray
    • Made in the USA