OSi Sport II Rainsuits

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How much do you use your rainwear? So, why spend a small fortune on it?

Don’t be fooled by the low price. OSI SPORT 2 RAINWEAR is all the rainwear most riders will ever need and an excellent choice for all riding styles at a price that is hard to ignore.


  • MOTORCYCLE SPECIFIC Designed and fitted specifically for use in the riding position with stirrups to hold the pant legs down while in any riding position; elastic waistbands on the jacket and pants reduce “ballooning” and accommodate a riding jacket while zippered and gusseted legs for easy entry and added dryness.

  • WATERTIGHT Oversized cuffs designed for one-handed operation and a sure seal; hood integrated into the contoured collar for off-bike use; high-waisted pants designed to provide an overlap with the jacket to protect against road spray; Zippered and gusseted legs offer easy entry and water-tight performance

  • EASY ON & EASY TO WEAR Nylon lining ensures easy entry, even when wet, and easy movement while riding

  • DURABLE Super tough .20mm PVC with extra seam allowance for durability and seam strength. Heavy gauge plastic zippers for smooth, non-snag operation.

  • SAFETY ONBOARD Oversize reflective striping wrapped around each arm and the back of the jacket.

  • STORAGE Deep chest pocket with left- handed access to maintain throttle hand freedom.

  • HUGE SIZE RANGE Comfort Cut Fit in unisex sizes XS-5XL to cover all riders and riding styles. Also available separately as jackets and pants if that makes fitting easier. 


Chests sizes are calculated to fit over a riding jacket, so there is no need to add inches to fit over a jacket or layers.

SIZE | Chest | Waist (Elastic) | Inseam

  XS | 28-30 | 24-34 | 29
 SM | 32-34 | 28-36 | 30
 MD | 36-38 | 32-40 | 31
  LG | 40-42 | 36-44 | 32
  XL | 44-46 | 40-48 | 32.5
2XL | 48-50 | 44-52 | 33
3XL | 52-54 | 48-56 | 33
4XL | 56-58 | 52-60 | 33
5XL | 60-62 | 56-64 | 33